Friday, November 13, 2015

Football Manager 2016 Full , Latest Update , Latest Crack

Football Manager 2016 V16.1.1  has just released.You can download both torrents only here...

Football Manager 2016 V16.1.1 (tested : 17.11.2015) 
 --Download Links--

Football Manager 2016 V16.1.1 CRACK (no crash dumps)  (tested : 22.11.2015)

--Download Links--

Please watch this video first to download the files easily


>Download instructions<

This is for the people out who keep complaining that they cannot Download from this hosting.
Follow This Step 1 To 3 and You will be able to Download Without any Problem

1) Once you click the "Link" you will be brought to a Survey page. Just Select One Survey and fill the first 1-2 or 3 pages with your Name, Email, Address, Zip Code etc [ Like the one above video shown, but you may get different Survey according to your country and their respective offers, Suggestion: Try to select Easy Survey and do it slowly

2) Note: Every Survey are different, they are not the same, so you need to do that what will be displayed in your browser Example:- Email Verification Survey ,Download Game,RealPlayer,install SmileyCode,Playing Quiz-Game OR anything, just complete the survey, and your download will be unlock instant

4) After completing the Survey on that page it should show the message "Download is Starting Now .." in the download window.

TIP: Mobile/Phone Surveys unlock the download Faster (Pin Confirm) Receive SMS.

Note: it is very simple and fast, you don't need to spend any money for download file

Note: if u fail to download, don't worry u can try different survey (Rarely sometime this happen due to Server problem) if this happen, Try to Select New Survey and Complete it, your download will be unlock instant

I hope this Video Tutorial is helpful
Thanks For Watching
Enjoy! :)

Football Manager 2016

Playing game video


Please write us if you get any error..

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